Aron Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Griffinorr Aron Jagarens Van "Aron"

Aron is our Swedish import. Due to laws in Sweden, Aron has an undocked tail, and still has his dewclaws. His mother is out of German lines, and father out of the Netherlands. Both mom and dad are excellent hunters, great temperaments and health history.

Aron Running

We imported Aron because we wanted a new bloodline from what was available in the US. Aron’s parents have been very successful in the European hunt tests, which include both fur and feather. He has a fantastic dense harsh coat, making him very comfortable in chilly waters. He is OFA Good (hips).

WHP Griffon Aron   Aron at a early age

Aron is the sire of our Park Litter.

More photos of Aron


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