Chewie Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Ch. Griffinorr Chewbagga, JH “Chewie"

Chewie came to us from Sweden, bred by Sara Beckman. He is a first cousin to our Park Litter pups. Chewie has a longer, but still coarse coat, beautiful topline and head, and a very biddable personality. He ranges out a bit farther than most Griffs, while still hunting “for” the hunter, not for himself. This quality is something that is helpful in the very large expansive fields of eastern Montana. Chewie is a small male, at 23 inches and 56 lbs – a lighter build than cousin Shooter. For this reason, he has wheels! He is one of the faster Griffs in the field. He is a pleasure to have in the house and in the field. He is outgoing and affectionate with his family and any other humans he encounters. His PennHip scores are Lt-.33, Rt.-.42 putting him in the 50th percentile.

Chewie is a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II, 92 pts. Use of Nose-3, Search-4, Water-4, Pointing-3, Tracking-2, Desire to Work-3, Cooperation-3


Chewie now lives with the Eric Toews family in Alberta Canada.

New home for Chewie


Chewie/Koko pups were born November 15, 2010! More information on our Puppies page.

Chewie swimming  Chewie a winner
Chewie goes Winners Dog for a major at a TSE following the National in Oklahoma


PennHip at 10 months: Left - .33, Right - .42; in 50th percentile. Tan Point Clear.

More photos of Chewie

Sam v.h. Schlip Velt
NHSB 292444
O'Malley des Grandes Origines
LOF 52721/6694
LOF 44770/5375
Lina des Grandes Origines
LOF 49244/8641
Maxime v.'t Holtlaand
NHSB 1997279
Max v t Holtlaand
NHSB 1840206
NHSB 1859073
Griffonorr Akka
Le Chasseur de la Courte Janus
NHSB 2142217
Alex v. Oranje en Glymes Polders
NHSB 1972533
Kenau v d Steevoerde
NHSB 194796
Anet vom Helbeeck
SKK S555812001
Renzo vom Kempter Wald
VDR 12455
Finka aus dem Leinetal
VDR 126550