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Ch. Marvin the Martian What’s Up Doc “Doc”

Doc is from Miss Pete’s Outer Space litter, littermate to Blitzen. He is a very sweet, but energetic male, with a long nose. He is still very young, with little hunting experience, but unbelievable tracking and searching abilities are obvious. Doc finished his AKC Championship in the Bred-by Exhibitor class at the tender age of 14 months, winning 3 majors in one cluster! He took BOB over a large contingent of Specials for a 5 point major at the Rose City Classic (Portland) at 13 months old. He has a very coarse and thick coat, very dark brown, and a beautiful head, more of a European style like his sire, Chewie. He carries a medium length coat, and clean head, excellent for the field. Doc is 24 ¼ inches tall, and 65 lbs. He has a long graceful neck and beautiful sidegait. He is a strong, athletic swimmer with a love for water. His PennHip is Lt. -.30 and Rt-.29, putting him in the 80th percentile.

Doc’s earned a Natural Ability Prize III, 92 pts Use of Nose – 4, Search -2, Water – 4, Pointing -3, Tracking -4, Desire to Work -3, Cooperation -3.

BOB win in Portland over specials for a 5 pt major at 13 months old

Doc finished the requirements for his AKC championship at 14 months of age, getting 11 points and two 5-point majors at Portland, followed by his last 4-point major at Denver in February 2011.

Doc on point  Doc posing 

Doc pheasant hunting

He has a harsh coat, great temperament, NAVHDA Prize III.

PennHIP results:  Left:  .30, Right .29. 

More photos of Doc

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