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New Litter!

Excited to announce Glacier’s newest litter! Proud parents are Ch Glacier Frontier Summer Fireworks, also known as Aurora. She was bred to a dog I love, a Prada-Shooter pup, Tanner, Gch ChuKar’s Well Dressed Sharpshooter, JH with too many titles to list!

Aurora is a NAVHDA Prize 3, Dock Diving titled and one point from her Grand with limited showing. She will do whatever you ask. A lovely bitch with sound movement and temperament. Pups are in Minnesota. Both these dogs have great temperament and hunt drive. Any serious inquiries please PM me. Terri Korthals, Karen Spiess, Sarah Peterson


So you want a Borzoi or Wire-haired Pointing Griffon?  Do your homework on breeds before making a decision.  Look through the items provided on our Links Page before getting any dog.

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Upcoming Plans for Glacier Griffons

Thank you for your interest in Glacier Griffs. Our goal in our breeding program is to continually improve the health, hunting natural ability, trainability, while providing the correct size and structure for the job they were bred to do. We are very selective on what dogs we breed, and choose sires that will complement the qualities of the dam.

We breed two or three litters a year, sometimes only one. In 2015/16, we are working on two breedings, one in Sept/Oct, and one possibly this fall as well.

 Glacier breeds primarily for hunt drive and cooperation. We prefer our dogs go to hunt homes, or some performance home, as they are easily bored. We do show our dogs to ensure we are continuing to breed conformationally correct Griffs.  “Form follows Function.” They need the correct body type to do the job they were bred to do. Our pups are $1800 to $2200 sold under contract to approved homes. Griffons are pointing dogs, and have high energy. They are also tremendous athletes. The need at fenced yard – at least 6 feet, and still should not be left alone outside while gone. Scaling a 6 ft fence is not uncommon, though usually not the norm. The need for training, exercise and lots of human attention is paramount. Don’t let the cute face fool you!

If you are interested in acquiring a Griff, check out There are some great questions you should ask any breeder you consider. Health clearances and house-raised pups are essential. We test thyroid, eyes, hips and elbows for genetic flaws. All our dogs are Tan Point clear(a gene found in some Griffs that displays incorrect color markings, and may carry health problems).

We are accepting applications for our litters now.


Kash-Krush Litter

Born October 21, 2016! Four girls and two boys!

All puppies have been placed.

This Glacier line-bred litter should produce some excellent hunt and show pups.  Great temperament, hunt drive, conformation and health. Kash is a Co-owned Glacier dog and lives in Illinois.  Pups were whelped there.

See the pups on their Litter Page!

Grand Ch. Glacier's You Can't Take It With You, "Kash"


Grand Ch. Glacier's Big Sky Up to Snow Good, JH, "Krush"



Current Litters


Born June 21, 2016 - the Summer Litter

JOey ex Kai - day 1

JoeySupreme Point's O Sole Mio




KaiAm. Ch. Glacier's Kai Kanani at Talus




Jethro and Kash - the Money Litter

Arrived March 18, 2016


Sire: Champion Glacier’s Norrsken Over Sverige, Jethro

(NAVHDA NA Prize I, 108 pts) PennHip L-.27, R-.23
Ch. Griffinorr Chewbagga, JH X Ch. North Lake's Bit O'Honey









KashDam: Ch. Glacier's You Can't Take It With You, "Kash"

AWPGA 2013 National Specialty Best Puppy,
Puppy Group II NAVHDA Prize III at 7 months






See more on the Money Litter Puppies page!


Past Litters

Past Glacier litters with links to more information.

Bubba and Ziva - Z-Litter

Arrived January 4, 2016

Sire: Ch. Bubba Von Herrenhausen Wood, NAVHDA Utility Prize I

(Ch BB Rebel Rouser of Wyncliff X Ch Usara Von Herrenhausen)

Bubba on point

Dam: Grand Ch. Glacier’s Gertie Queen of Spades “Ziva”

(Glacier Run to the Hills at Sunwood X Ch. Glacier’s Going to the Sun, JH)

Ziva showing at The Garden

Grand Champion Glacier’s Gertie Queen of Spades “Ziva” was bred to Champion Bubba Von Herrenhausen Wood, NAVHDA Utility Prize I.  Ziva has a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I, 112 pts- maximum score. She was also Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show February 2015. Both these dogs have great hunting natural instinct, are bred to ensure the best conformation, health and temperament.

See more on the Z-Litter Puppies page!


the Snow Litter

born December 23, 2014

Sire:  Ch. Chukar's Glacier We Be Jammin" "Jammer"

(Ch. Glacier's Marvin the Martian What's Up Doc? X Chukar's Bear Hug Delta Dawn)



Dam: Grand Champion Glacier's Whoa Nellie at Sunwood  "Ripley"

(NAVHDA VC-AKC Ch. Griffe D'Automne Mr. Brown X Ch. Glacier's Two Medicine)

Dam Ripley

visit the Snow Litter page


The Aviation Litter

Arrived December 10, 2013

Shooter watching over Ripley and their litter

Shooter watching over Ripley and their Puppies.

The Oscars Litter born Born Feb. 25th, 2013

7 girls and 2 boys! Ch. Kootenay Highlander's Laird "Laird" and Ch. Glacier's Going to the Sun, JH "Miss Pete".

The Deck of Cards Litter born August 1, 2012.

The Deck of Cards Litter Miss Pete and Steve, planned breeding.
Puppies born August 1st, 2012!

Puppies - 1 day old. All doing well!

Pups weights - Largest was the boy at 1 lb 7 oz and the smallest was girl 3, at 1 lb 2 oz, so very even litter. The other girls were 1 lb 6 oz (girl 1) and 1 lb 4 oz (girl 2)

The Beach Litter

Born June 13th, 2012 - 5 girls and 4 boys - all fat, healthy puppies.

Mom Ripley is doing an amazing job caring for her new brood. Taking deposits from approved homes.

Champion Glacier’s Whoa Nellie at Sunwood “Ripley” (Dam)
(NAVHDA NA Prize III, 102 pts) (NAVHDA Versatile Champion), OFA Hips Prelim - Good
Ch. Griffe D’Automne Mr. Brown X Ch. Glacier’s Two Medicine


Champion Glacier’s Norrsken Over Sverige “Jethro” (Sire)
(NAVHDA NA Prize I, 108 pts) PennHip L-.27, R-.23
Ch. Griffinorr Chewbagga, JH X Ch. North Lake's Bit O'Honey

If interested in a puppy from this litter, please fill out an application.
Hunt and/or show homes preferred.

More information on this litter Click Here.

The Stars and Constellations

Litter - Maddy/Seve

Born October 18, 2011. 6 boy/4 girls.

Maddy with puppiesThe Stars and Constellations litter, whelped October 18th, 2011. Six boys and four girls all healthy!

Ch. Glacier's Two Medicine (Maddy) was bred to Ch. El Dorado's Birdbrain, JH. The Maddy (Ch. Glacier's Two Medicine and Seve (Ch. El Dorado's Birdbrain) has a theme now. It will be the Stars and Constellations litter.

Visit their page The Stars and Constellations Litter.

Ch. El Dorado's Birdbrain, JH, "Seve"

Birdbrain - Seve SireSeve hunting

Ch. Glaciers Two Medicine, "Maddy"
Griffinorr Aron Jagarens Van (Sweden) X Ch. North Lake’s Bit O’Honey
NAVHDA NA Prize III (without any training!)
Outstanding temperament. Correct size. Driven for birds!
OFA/WG-1738G31F-PI; CERF Normal

The Encore Litter - Doc/Koko

Born May 29, 2011. 1 boy/3 girls.

Ch. Glacier's Marvin the Martian
What's Up Doc, "Doc"
Ch. Northlake's Bit O Honey "Koko"
Doc Koko

Visit their page The Encore Litter.

See the puppies from this litter in their online photo album.

The Beatles Litter

Glacier's Marvin the Martian What's Up Doc ex. Ch. Glacier's Barefoot Contessa
Born March 2, 2011

5 boys and five girls - all very healthy and active!

Visit the Beatles Litter page for more information and photos.

3 1/2 weeks old  Tess with some of her brood

The Winter Litter (Chewie/Koko)

Chewie was bred to Koko in September 2010 with pups arriving on November 15. Koko was WB at National in 2007, and is a NAVHDA Prize II ,107 points. Chewie is also a NAVHDA Prize II and just lacks a major to finish his conformation championship.

Chewie - PennHip at 10 months: Left - .33, Right - .42; in 50th percentile.

Koko - WG-1417G34F-NOPI; CERF Normal.

Both parents are Tan Point Clear.
We expect excellent hunt drive, and great biddability out of these pups.

All puppies have been spoken for.

See photos of the pups and more on the Winter Litter page.

Griffinorr Chewbagga "Chewie" Ch. Northlake's Bit O Honey "Koko"
WD at TSE Koko

The Wild West Litter - Born April 6, 2010!

We have a total of 9 pups - 5 boys and 4 girls. Go to the Wild West Litter page.

Maddy and pups their first day

VC Griffe D'Autumne Mr. Brown "Jacque" Ch. Glaciers Two Medicine "Maddy"


PennHIP Rt .26 Lt .30
Tan Point Negative KBKB
NA Prize II, 103 pts
UT Prize I, 204 pts
23.5 inches, 65 pounds
Griffinorr Aron Jagarens Van (Sweden) X Ch. North Lake’s Bit O’Honey
NAVHDA NA Prize III (without any training!)
Outstanding temperament. Correct size. Driven for birds!
OFA/WG-1738G31F-PI; CERF Normal

The Outer Space Litter

Born December 12, 2009

5 boys and 2 girls. All were big babies with 5 weighing in at 1 lb each, and 2 were 14 oz! Mom and babies are doing great!

View photos of the puppies

Pete and her brood on day 1

Griffinorr Chewbagga "Chewie" Ch. Glacier's Going to the Sun, JH "Miss Pete"
Chewy Miss Pete with Lisa Durand


The Bogart Litter

Kirin's sweet expressionsweet face

Sire: Griffonpoint Infinity ("Jaeger", Ch. Griffonpoint Defies Gravity x. Prancing Acrobat); OFA Excellent at 11 years
Dam: North Lake's Bit O'Honey, "Koko"; OFA Good
Whelped: February 20, 2008

See pictures of this litter here.

The Park Litter

5 of the Park Pups
from left...Allan with Shooter, Scott Lee with Maddy, Finn with owner Scott Frost,
then Lisa with Miss Pete, and lastly Skookum and Sher Schwartz.

Sire: Griffinorr Aron Jagarens Van, "Aron"
Dam: North Lake's Bit O'Honey, "Koko"
Whelped: January 26, 2007.

See pictures here. You may also wish to visit Miss Pete's page and Shooter's page.