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Ch. Glacier’s Singleshot Mountain, JH “Shooter”

Shooter is out of our Park litter, and is a lot of dog! He is outstanding in the field, with prey drive second to none. He has a light, effortless movement, very muscular build, and extremely harsh coat. Shooter was BOS at the AWPGA 2007 Puppy National Sweepstakes. He finished his Conformation Championship out of the Bred-by Exhibitor class, all owner handled. He is 24” tall and 69 lbs.

His accomplishments include: NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II, 108 pts Use of nose -4, Search -4, Water-4, Pointing -4, Tracking-2, Desire to Work-4, Cooperation-4 NAVHDA Utility Prize II, 194 pts Search for Duck-3, Walking at Heel-4, Remain at Blind-4, Steadiness at Blind-4, Retrieve of Duck-4, Search-4, Pointing-4, Steadiness Total-4, Retrieve of Shot Bird-3, Retrieve by Drag-4, Nose-4, Desire-4, Stamina-4, Cooperation-4, Obedience-3

Shooter Best Veteran at the 2016 National
Shooter at 9.5 years old
AWPGA National Specialty, Best Veteran and 2016 Gallatin Kennel Club Veteran Showcase - Best in Show Veteran!

Shooter takes breed
Best of Breed over specials for a major!

  • CERF normal
  • PennHIP:  Left Distraction Index - .28, Right Distraction Index - .17,  Hips in 90th percentile.

Shooter is at stud to qualified bitches.

Shooter Hunting  Shooter Hunting

Shooter Hunting  Shooter Hunting

See more photos of Shooter in his online photo album.

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