Sun and Moon Litter

The Sun and Moon Litter

New Delivery : May 14,2014



Glacier's I'll Follow the Sun, "Sazzy"


(Ch. Glacier's Marvin the Martian What's Up Doc? X Ch. Glacier's Barefoot Contessa)



Ch. Supreme Point's Little Deuce Coup "Sunny"


(Ch. Glaicer's Singleshot Mountain X Ch. Griffondorr Trey)






Sazzy in the Dog House

Sazzy in the Dog House

Ch. Supreme Point's Little Deuce Coup "Sunny"

Sunny recieves an award

The Litter Arrives

Wednesday May 14th 2014

Sazzy had four girls and three boys. Mom and pups are all doing well.

Sazzy and New litter

Stay tuned for more Puppy Pics!


Glacier's Total Eclipse - "Emmy"

Emmy Sleeps

Emmy taking a nap.

Emmy Loves the water.

Emmy" with new owner Nick Kovach. Already a water pup!


Glacier's Sunshine Superman "Gus"

owned and loved by Michelle Martin.

Gus Lounging

Gus lounging around.

Gus in the field

Gus in action!