Glacier Kennel - Wiredhair Pointing Griffons and Borzoi

Testimonials from our Puppy's NewFamilies


Tess and Lucy

As you well know, I'm and avid bird hunter and have hunted both upland birds and waterfowl, mostly solo, in easily 2/3 of the states in the USA since 1968. Having hunted over a number of pointing dogs and retrievers I thought I had seen the best of dog work until hunting over a friends' Griff in 1981. Since then I have enjoyed hunting over my own Griffs from 4 different breeders and have no plans for any other breeds. All of my 6 Griffs to date have been great hunters and family pets but I've neither had nor seen any Griffs better than my current 2 from your Glacier Kennels. Tess and Lucy (aka: "The Girls") have great temperaments and are very biddable, easy to train, easy to handle in the field and on leads in crowds. Both are energetic, tough, and durable during all day hunts and have excellent noses.

Both Tess and Lucy have hunted in all manner of cover and in all weather from wicked hot to wicked cold and can handle it all very capably. They enjoy water and would rather swim across a pond for a retrieve than run around it. For the last 4 years, I've been guide hunting pheasant, chukar, quail and partridge with them for 2 months/year at lodges in South Dakota and "The Girls" have pointed and retrieved more than 3,000 birds apiece just during that time. Both have been highly complimented regularly by expert bird hunters at these lodges and many repeat clients specifically ask to hunt over "The Girls". They are both very healthy and strong and the only medical issues have been the occasional barbed wire cuts and a few incidents of "porcupine quill intrusion".

I cannot imagine another Griff, nor any other hunting dog other than Tess or Lucy that I'd rather have in my home or to hunt over. I've read the feedback from other avid hunters on your website and it is clear to me that your individual effort to produce Griffs with great bird drive, hunting genetics, conformation, temperament, trainability, health and stamina is working very well. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us who enjoy hunting over superior bird dogs. Please keep it up!

~ Jim Halwachs


Mickey, our Glacier Griff, is formerly known as GCH CH Glacier’s Midnight Cowboy JH, is the most amazing, instinctive hunting dog we have ever owned. He has surpassed every expectation we had. He has also given us an opportunity to get involved in dog conformation shows, where we have met a lot of really nice and interesting people.

Lisa and Allan Durand of Glacier Kennels have an excellent breeding program focused on maintaining the supreme hunting heritage of the Korthal Griffons by ensuring all dogs breed have strong hunt drive and excellent physical structure (conformation) as well as testing their breeding Griffs to ensure that they are healthy and will not pass on possible health problems associated with eyes, hips, elbows and thyroid as recommended by the AWPGA breeding guidelines.

The Durands are very supportive of their puppy owners and are always available to answer questions.

~ Renee Carter